Warm Roofs - Corby

Warm Roofs - Corby

DJL UK is Corby’s number one warm roof installation provider. Our team fit solid roofs onto existing conservatories and orangeries. A LivinRoof investment will allow you to create your extension and make it a suitable space in both the warmer and colder months, making it the perfect area to relax. Our LivinRoof is the first roofing installation system designed to give our customers the flexibility to choose any shape or style to match your ideas – making it feel like part of your home. Our warm roofs are engineered with energy efficient technology- meaning you can maintain your conservatory temperatures all year round.


Many of our previous customers are delighted with their roof installation and the benefits it has brought them. There are multiple advantages to upgrading your existing conservatory roof for one of our solid roofs, which is why we now propose energy efficient, warm roofs to those in the Corby area. Not only are our warm roofs aesthetically pleasing and add significant value to your property, but they will also reduce your energy bills.


Due to our warm roofs advanced design, they are thermally efficient. Temperatures are maintained throughout your extension, thus saving you money on your heating.  You will be able to use your conservatory all year round due to our specifically designed roofing system, which allows you to have a cool, ventilated room during the summer months but warm during the winter. With a warm roof, your conservatory will keep cool in the summer and toasty in the winter.


Our LivinRoofs are quick to install; therefore there is minimal disruption for your home and everyday routine. If you are looking to design a unique, warm roof extension in Corby, we can offer elements such as the options for spotlights and skylights, maximising the use of natural light and giving you a truly bespoke design. Also, here at DJL UK, we provide the option of an UltraRoof380 to Corby clients. This roof is suitable for those who seek thermal insulation with a stunning lightweight tiled finish that can be coordinated to any home. The results are professional and neat.


If you have or would like an idea for your warm roof, then contact our expert tradesmen today.



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