Warm Roofs - Bedford

Warm Roofs - Bedford


DJL UK installs warm roofs onto conservatories and orangeries all throughout Bedford. Investing in a warm roof for a conservatory is becoming an increasingly popular home improvement, this is because they offer a multitude of benefits and aesthetically improve the look of people’s homes. A warm roof is a solid, tiled roof, which can be fitted with skylights – the purpose of this model is to provide thermal insulation whilst allowing natural lighting to enter the room effectively.



At DJL UK we actively promote investing in a warm roof for a conservatory due to it’s energy-saving properties. The multiple layers that make up a warm roof prevent inside temperatures from escaping, therefore keeping your room warm all throughout winter and reducing energy bills. Not only is a warm roof beneficial functionally, it is also increases the value of your home due to warm roofs being admired by many, home buyers. You can still achieve excellent views of the sky and sunlight by investing in an UltraRoof380 model. This style of warm roof still allows you to achieve a tiled, solid roof however rectangular windows can be installed into the roof to sustain inside temperatures whilst providing you with the feel of open space you initially want from a conservatory.



If you’re situated in Bedford and are looking for information on warm roofs or for an installation date, then DJL UK are here for you. We prioritise you upon first communications and all your needs and requirements will be attended to accordingly.  Warm roofs have been engineered and manufactured to provide optimum, heat conservation and resist harsh weathering – this makes them a valuable installation to consider especially if you want to use your conservatory or orangery during the colder months. A warm roof requires no need for excess central heating so you can turn that dial down. 


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