What is a warm roof?

A warm room does exactly what the name suggests – it keeps your conservatory / orangery warm. There are many available designs and models of warm roofs and you can find basic, warm roofs which are just a simple, solid covering. You can also invest in a Livin Roof which combines both the outdoors and indoors into your conservatory/orangery; whilst keeping internal temperatures maintained.


Warm roofs have been recently improved on their design; they have been created with great precision to ensure they achieve a range of different benefits. Warm roofs eliminate your fear of entering a cold conservatory and instead provide you with another warm room available for you and your family all throughout the colder months. 

What is a warm roof made up of?

The construction of a warm roof involves a complex layering of different materials. For the base you have the general concrete ceiling so the roof looks modern from internal viewing. Just above this, a reinforced roof decking and structural joists are put in place, these hold up a vapour control layer, which manages your roof’s condensation.


This material is overlapped by thermal insulation, which provides the greatest energy conservation between the materials. The final layers include overlay board and reinforced EPDM membrane, which preserve the exposed surface of the roof. Overall a considerable amount of materials and structurable goes into the formation of a warm roof, which is what makes the improvement so effective towards heat management. 

What are the additional benefits?

When it comes to aesthetics, this genre of roofing tops all roofline projects. Due to the beautiful, structured layout of tiles and panelling the complex but authentic design of warm roofs makes them visual pleasing. Not only do the aesthetics come as a bonus; adding a warm roof to your extension increases the overall value of your home due to it being a potential interest with buyers.


Warm roofs are also fully customisable, they can be tailored to suit your own ideas and match your home’s current design - because people get so much freedom with warm roof installations, this option is becoming more and more popular.


In terms of appearance, warm roofs exceed in popularity against many other roofing options, the quality of Livin Roofs provide the added sense of authenticity and class which is not present in many other roofing models. Linking back to energy efficiency, installing a warm roof is beneficial to you and your home both immediately and in the long run.


A worthwhile investment 


Due to the thermal properties of the double-glazing and the multiple layers inside of a typical warm roof – this apex conserves heat effectively leading to reduced energy bills, preserving a heated atmosphere whatever the outside temperature.


With warm roofs there genuinely is something for everyone. For instance there is an UltraRoof 380 available which hosts the same benefits as common warm roofs however, with this type of roof there is one key difference. - for people who would like a living space fit to use all year round yet want to achieve the input of natural lighting, an UltraRoof 380 exists for you. This model involves the construction of solid roofing combined with double-glazing windows – creating a beautiful, interesting roof which is both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient.


Overall warm roofs offer a multitude of benefits, which cannot be found within ordinary roofing options. With exceptional energy conservation and beauty a Livin Roof model is sure to make your conservatory or orangery look the part whilst saving you and your family money and providing you with added space all year round. DJL UK has a great selection of Livin Roof options to choose from and we have the Ultra Roof 380 project on offer to homes looking to combine the outdoors and indoors without loss of heating. 

What are Warm Roofs and why should you invest in one?

Having a conservatory or orangery installed in your home is exciting, you are provided with more space and you can furnish and decorate the area to your heart’s content. However, with such enjoyment comes a great inconvenience – such extensions are only really useable during warmer months as the heating can be easily lost especially if you have no solid materials to preserve internal temperatures.


There is a solution to this issue however; this revolutionary home improvement can make your conservatories and extensions energy efficient, creating a warm environment to live in even during winter. The resolution to this common problem is that of a warm roof

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