Aluminium Clad Flush Casement Timber Windows


Flush Casement

Double or triple glazed options available

'Choices' alu clad flush casement timber windows are a range of high performance windows

Consisting of a timber window with an aluminium exterior cladding, 'Choices'  have several benefits over traditional timber windows. The main aspect is the  is indirectly exposed to elements extended life-spans next to no maintenance throughout their lives.


Offering durability, 'Choices' alu clad timber windows are made to your specific needs. If a requirements for vents to be included? Then we are able to fit these in the side frame of windows and on outward opening doors, although this is usually done on the hinge side of the door. For doors that open inwards instead, a vent can be fitted in the top rail. All windows and doors are supplied fully finished.


An Espangnolette locking system comes as standard with handles available as lockable or non-lockable. These come in silver as standard although there is also the option of choosing Gold or White too.

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