Aluminium Multifolding Door Specialists 

Versatile and practical, aluminium multifolding doors, often referred to as bi-folding doors are manufactured to meet your requirements.


Aluminium Multifolding Doors

Flexible Living Spaces

Giving you added flexibility to your living space, aluminium multifolding doors can be used either internally or externally. However, the most popular usage is as a wall separating a room from the garden.

Many Door Configurations

Doors and panels can be used in any configuration, style and design with all configurations available in both open-in and open-out options. Stainless steel wheels also ensure smooth and consistent operation, making it truly effortless to let the outside, inside your home.


Whatever you want, you can be sure that a multifolding door will revitalise your room while still working hard to keep your warm and safe.

The Corner less Multi-Fold Door can be used to open a kitchen/dinner up into the garden, resulting in a completely open space with no need for a corner post. The Cornerless option creates open plan living and offers more flexibility for your home

Cornerless Multifold Door

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