Our professionals have compiled all the information you need to know about the different types of doors we offer and how they make a difference to your home.

Practical PVCu Doors


DJL UK has a vast range of PVCu doors in all shapes and sizes. They are practical and simple but also provide your home with a modern style – making your home look new and improved. PVCu is one of the most popular options for doors as they are ideal for British weather and remain undamaged through wear and tear.


Not only that, but PVCU doors provide you with the best energy efficiency. Keeping your home warm during the winter, excluding draught from creeping into your home. PVCu doors are also available in double or triple glazing to ensure maximum insulation.


Does a PVCu door appeal to you? Well, they are 2 styles for you to choose from – and luckily here at DJL UK, we supply them both! Take a look to see which one catches your eye…

1.    French Doors 


Want to add a touch of class to your home? French doors can be a very authentic addition to your home. You can throw open your doors and let the outside, inside. They can make your living space airy and much more spacious – but most importantly, they still offer effective security. French doors can be matched to the design of your existing windows and are available with or without side panel. So, whatever your style, we can find the door to suit you. 


2.    Patio Doors 


A popular choice among customers – and it's easy to see why. With a smooth, sliding operating system, opening and closing of your door are effortless, while still looking stylish. Available in two, three or four panels, glass is toughened to ensure your security. Also, an extensive selection of colours is available, from White Ash to Dark Green – making it easy to find a colour to match your home. 



Doors, doors and more doors! Who knew they were so many different types? As this blog has described, there are multiple choices of doors – all of which can be made bespoke for your home. There are styles out there for everyone, and here at DJL UK, you can be guaranteed only the best. For more information on the doors we offer, take a look at our door services page or read another one of our blogs on the benefits of each door type!

We know that doors are not the most thought about home improvement – however, they are much more important than you think. Most people do not replace the doors that they buy with their house, believing they are suitable and will do the job. However, this is not the case. Doors are essential and have multiple purposes. Yes, they are mainly used to gain access to your home, but they also maintain energy efficiency. 


Do ever feel a draught in your home? Your door could be responsible. By investing in a new door, you could save you money on your energy bills and provide your home with the best energy efficiency. You can keep your home warmer and cosier in those cold months.


Not only that, doors can provide aesthetic value to a home. They are available in a range of styles and finishes – all to suit a homeowner's style.


But this leads to the question, what types of doors are available? There are plenty of styles for you to choose from, in a range of colours and finishes. This blog will go through all the different forms of doors from PVCu through to Aluminium.  


Why not try Alternative-to-Timber doors?


We actively recommend customers to not invest in authentic wood doors, as it is not a good idea. Wood is prone to early deterioration, which means replacing them every so often – which can be expensive. That's why we advise investing in an alternative to timber doors. They are made to look like real wood, but they're not real wood at all! A model of an alternative to timber doors we provide is a composite door. Composite doors utilise modern materials to create the appealing appearance of natural timber. Here is a little more information on what composite doors offer. 

The possibilities of our composite doors, from Solidor, are endless. Being made from hardwood your door is protected from harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the frame is made from a combination of oak and plastic. Due to this, your composite door is virtually maintenance free and more durable – isn't that ideal!


As well as being long-term and insulating, our composite doors come in a range of colours and styles. With a variety of glass options – including diamond and quad glass styles – there is a door to suit every home. To make your door match your style, why not add some accessories to complement your choice of door – from handles, knockers or letterboxes.  A composite door is a perfect choice for your home. 


There's also Aluminium doors...



Although they are considerably uncommon – the benefits of aluminium doors are unquestionable. They offer high security and stability, with an affordable price tag. They provide a modern and contemporary feel to your home and even when exposed to harsh weather conditions - they remain untouched. This making aluminium windows a worthwhile investment!

Here at DJL UK, we offer exceptional models of aluminium doors, but are most popular is the Bi-Folding Door. 



Sleek, modern and stylish, bi-folding doors add value to your home. They can maximise your home's natural light - ideal for making your space appear bigger and for creating a nice atmosphere. Not only can you open a door, but also you can transform a room. If you have limited space and want to create the effect of an airy room, bi-folding doors are the perfect option.



What Different Types Of Doors Can You Buy For Your Home?

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