Euro-Cylinder Locks

This lock model adopted its name from its popularity within Europe – this model is rarely found on front doors, instead you will be more likely to find a Euro-cylinder lock securing your patio or bi-folding door.

The reason why Euro-cylinder locks are scarce is due to their weak structure, unlike standard door locks this type has a tendency to wear and tear easily and weakens as time progresses. These locks are fairly easy to break; proving both a hazard to you in terms of safety and financially, it can also be a major inconvenience for you whilst you’re waiting for a replacement.  

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are popularly known for their excellent durability and strength with securing doors. This model is often used for commercial properties and you shouldn’t expect to find one in a house unless the homeowner has gone out of their way to buy one – or the house was previously installed with one. A mortise lock is considered one of the most reliable types of locks – this is because they are all designed with complex mechanisms, which makes this lock almost impossible to remove or break. 

Cylindrical Lever Locks / Door Knob Locks

This model of lock is fairly popular amongst both domestic and commercial property owners – this is because they’re simple, discreet and offer the security you need for a reasonable price. However, despite their popularity these locks are not suited for your front doors – in fact they are best suited for doors inside of your property.  This model isn’t the strongest of models, however it is a very modern alternative; but even if you do like this lock system, there needs to be an adequate amount of space on your door’s handle for one to be put in place, otherwise you will need to purchase one outright.


One of the most popular types of locks is known as the ‘deadbolt’. This lock is designed to provide excellent security and can be found on front and back doors more commonly in domestic homes. Deadbolts are designed to last for a long period of time and retain excellent durability even when exposed to constant wear and tear. This lock is commonly found in most modern homes and you people will often choose this model if they need a replacement – mostly due to its affordable price tag. 

Window Latch

Window latches are the most common variety of locks used to seal windows for domestic homes. They’re affordable, practical and keep your home looking contemporary whilst offering great security. This lock is suited for the single and double hung windows; it works by securing the two sashes together when they’re both shut. 

Window Locks

Child safety latches

If you have children you will know the life-saving, child safety latches you can get to secure your windows. This lock is specifically designed to prevent your child from escaping or falling from your windows by only allowing the window to remain ajar a few centimetres. Of course these locks aren’t the safest for securing your home, however they secure your windows from your children, which is their main purpose.  

Handle locks

Handle locks are a popular choice for modern, PVCu windows within domestic homes; they are also one of the most secure methods for locking your windows. Keeping the locking system inside of the handle makes this locking system almost impossible to bypass from the outside – keeping your home secure for long periods of time. 

Are you looking for a lock repair? Do you want more information on your locks? We can help. 


This blog has only listed some types of locks that you can expect to find, including the most popular ones - however, we know there are many more, which is why if you would like any additional information on yours, DJL UK are happy to help. 


Your safety is the most important factor to keep in mind within your home, that is why we want to help people understand the benefits and disadvantages of their security systems - including what variety they are in case you ever need to know. 


Door and window locks - what different types are there?

Find examples of some of the different models of locks that you can expect to find in domestic homes.


All of your doors and windows will have locks (unless they've been removed for some inexplainable reason), however not many of us can determine what model we actually have, which can be problematic in the event that a locksmith is needed. Believe it or not there are more types of locks than you think, some have become outdated leaving us to forget about them, whilst others are just becoming popular. 


Your locks play a great importance in protecting you, your family and your home from theft. Despite their reputation to secure your property – each lock is different in strength and as to what benefits they provide, you will find locks with exceptional durability and other locks that are more suited for other purposes.


A sense of security for both you and your home should take priority over anything else; therefore it is more than important that you understand how your lock works and as to what your locks are – because everyone’s home will be laid out differently. Depending on the age of your home you can expect to find either standard locking systems or improved versions of locks including biometrics. The team here at DJL UK have put together a blog, which will enlighten people on the different varieties of locks they can expect to find or upgrade too.  


Door Locks


Electronic locks / Smart locks

For people searching for the most advanced types of locks you will find electronically-controlled locking systems. These models usually require a pin or manual password before allowing the user to unlock the door. In terms of security, these locks are perfect for ensuring the best protection for your home. Unlike standard locks, smart locks are of a complex design and cannot be easily removed or hacked into so you can guarantee optimum safety for you and your family. However despite their impressive reputation, these locks are relatively expensive in comparison to other lock options.

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