At DJL UK you will find that we install 5 different types of conservatories, these designs are the most popular and practical for domestic homes. Each conservatory model is apparent with its own benefits, whether that’s in terms of aesthetics or functionality. There is a conservatory-style for every home out there, whether your house was built 200 years ago or yesterday you can be sure to find the perfect installation.


What different styles of conservatories are there to choose from?

3 & 5 Bell Victorian Conservatory 

If you’re after a conservatory, which looks traditional and offers a vintage style and character, then a Victorian conservatory is definitely an option for yourself. This structure is available with either 3 or 5 bay segments; depending on how much space and lighting you were after. Victorian conservatories are one of the most popular choices; this is because they’re a practical and adaptable choice for a conservatory. Victorian conservatories have a native spine design, which complements the PVCu frames. If you are looking for a basic conservatory, which is reasonably priced, we highly recommend investing in this conservatory style. ​

Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian is the alternatively popular style for conservatories, with Victorian being the most notorious. This style offers both simplistic yet elegant design, it is an ideal conservatory for homes that are more modernised. Edwardian conservatories are perfect for homeowners who are after a plain conservatory, which offers space. There is no aesthetic value with a Victorian conservatory, but it does add value to your home and gives you and your family more space.

Gable Conservatory

Gable conservatories are known for their triangular roofs, helping to make any home stand out and make a statement. This style increases the value of your home, both with aesthetics and economically. Gable conservatories are for the homeowners looking to achieve adequate space whilst owning a conservatory that looks contemporary and greatly complements their home. If you’re after a stylish conservatory with a fantastic appearance and energy efficiency, gable conservatories are for you to consider. 

Lean-To Conservatory

If you’re after a small conservatory, lean-to conservatories are the best option for you. This conservatory gets its name from how it ‘leans’ against the side of your home. These are an easy installation and a cost-effective solution to increasing both the size of your house and its value. Lean-to conservatories are dainty and a worthwhile investment if you want a relaxing space, which requires little maintenance to look after.

P-Shape Conservatory

P or L shaped conservatories are the most effective conservatory styles for improving on household space. This installation involves creating a lengthy conservatory, which is attached to a rounded conservatory, forming a ’P’ or ‘L’ shape. This conservatory is the perfect way to create your ideal living space, it introduces a cost-effective way to extend on your home without the hassle of moving. 

Why would a conservatory benefit you?

There are many different reasons as to why homeowners fall in love with the idea of a conservatory, the main reason would be the imagery of a quiet relaxing place to find refuge in all throughout the year. However, there are several other factors, which should convince you to invest in a conservatory.


For one, space is a desired attribute by many domestic property owners. Even though you may have a big or comfortable house, sometimes we all need that extra bit of space. Moving house however is a costly decision, which is why a conservatory is the best option to consider when you are looking to introduce new space to your home.


When you have a conservatory you a delivered with your own space to decorate, furnish and enjoy – what could be more therapeutic than your own personal conservatory?


Secondly, you may find that you need an additional room; maybe you need a playroom for the kids, a kitchen or extended living room, well a conservatory can definitely help you achieve that.


With options for double or triple glazing, you can ensure a warm conservatory during the winter and a cool room during the summer. Our PVCu is designed to provide excellent energy efficiency and longevity; we can guarantee a conservatory, which provides the best room temperature all year round for your comfort. 


Your Guide to Investing in a Conservatory ​

Why should you have a conservatory installation?


The majority of homeowners have always admired conservatories, whether that’s for their beautiful design, vintage style or their ability to provide a home with even more space. When it comes down to planning your own conservatory, it can be quite exciting yet daunting.


You will question many factors including; what conservatory style would be best? Is a conservatory expensive? How long will a conservatory installation take?


However, DJL UK have put together a guide to help you plan, buy and maintain your conservatory to ensure you achieve your perfect conservatory extension. Within this blog you will find advice, recommendations and examples of conservatory styles, benefits and important information that you should consider with the investment.


So, are you interested to learn about the reasons as to why a conservatory is the ideal home improvements? Find out all you need to know and more by continuing this guide!




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