Benefits of investing in new, PVCu windows - what would they do for you?

There are more advantages than you think about replacing your dated windows for newly improved, PVCu windows. 


Windows, we often forgot about these in our home, we just expect them to do their job of allowing light in whilst keeping your home warm. However, little do we know most homes are built with standard, PVCu or timber windows which deteriorate in performance overtime, leading to money seeping out your windows when the central heating is turned on. 


How can I save money and preserve heating?


Not to worry, however, there is an easy way to dramatically reduce your energy bills and keep your rooms much warmer than usual. Not only will you improve your home’s function, however, you can also achieve great, new aesthetics to enjoy and make the property look brand new.


There are so many different varieties of windows to choose from, it can be pretty difficult to decide on one due to the vast choice. You can find windows manufactured practically any shape, size and colour – with varied finishes available to help you get the perfect match for you and your home. 


Visually pleasing and modern


Replacing your old windows should be exciting; you will be guaranteeing yourself lower energy bills and the chance to own beautiful, new windows. PVCu has been newly engineered to provide optimum energy efficiency; you can find a range of alternatively rated windows from E-A, each with their own energy performance.


Modern day, PVCu windows are designed to keep out draughts and retain as much heat as possible within your home to save your expenditure on central heating bills.


They also exist to provide an amazing appearance which lasts over long periods of time, even when exposed to harsh weather and moisture. Installing top of the range PVCu windows requires little maintenance, instead, all they need is the occasional wipe down with a cloth from time to time.


Here is a list of advantages that you can expect to find when replacing your windows for A-C Rated, PVCu Windows:


- Warmer home, even during cold months

- Lowered energy bills

- Beautiful, new aesthetics

- Contemporary styles to match modern homes

- Improved comfort (no draughts)

- Increased light and outside view options

- Reduced fading of materials (i.e. carpets, decoration) from improved sunlight reach)


Who knew windows could be so exciting?


Nowadays you can find windows in practically any design or colour, this is because the window market looks to help people achieve windows that best suit their home’s character. You can choose from Flush Sash windows all the way to Bay windows, depending on the amount of light and space you wish to create in a specific room.


PVCu is an effective material to invest in when it comes to replacing your windows, not only is PVCu immune to damp and moisture, you can find them untouched despite any weather. The glossy appearance never fades, as long as the occasional wipe down with a cloth is carried out every month or so.


To further improve on the energy efficiency of your house, you can find PVCu windows implemented with double or triple glazing, which are powerful versions of glass, unlike the typical, standard glass that arrives with pre-installed windows.


Not only is the glass reinforced, you can also find the frame present with insulating properties – modern day PVCu windows are designed to guarantee the best efficiency, so precision has been implemented into the entire structure.


Self-cleaning glass is another option to consider; this glass works to reflect dirt, dust and condensation to ensure your window keeps looking its best.


There are so many benefits you can get that you wouldn’t initially think of when investing in new windows – they sustain you both in terms of energy efficiency, money and warmth throughout the colder months. 



Need further advice or information? We can provide it.


DJL UK put together this blog to help people come to terms with the many advantages PVCu windows provide.


Windows are more than they appear, not only do they maintain your heating and save you money on your energy bills, they also keep you and your family secure in your home. Newly installed PVCu windows have excellent strength and posses high-tech locking systems to keep your home secure.


If you’re looking to consider new home improvements, replacing your windows is definitely one option to consider. You will experience immediate benefits from using them, including the elimination of draughts entirely.


If you’re unsure of anything however, talk to the team at DJL UK today and we can guide you with great advice and professional help on finding the window perfect for you. 



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