Signs to look out for 

1. Peeling paintwork

This problem can start minor, however overtime the aesthetics and protection of your fascia and soffits will deteriorate, leading to a weakened roofline structure.


It is important to keep your roofline looking its best as not only does it make your home look the part it also safely protects the inside of your home, and this may be disrupted if they receive damage from constant water vapour exposure. Getting a new protective coating will enhance the strength of your fascia and soffits and keep it maintenance-free for a longer period of time.


2. Leaking guttering

If your gutters aren’t cleaned effectively every so often then they can become permanently damaged, leading to leakages. Such leakages can lead to fascia and soffit deterioration affecting the whole strength and reliability of your roofline. If you notice a leaking gutter you should immediately consider replacing the installation and inspecting your fascia and soffits to assess their quality.


3. Rotting or dampness

If you notice any signs of rotting or weakness in your fascia or soffits these signs are a warning towards the strength of your roofline. As the fascia and soffits wear away so does the roof itself. It would be safe to consider investing in a new roofline and enhancing the durability of your roof and its additional features. Not only does it provide more safety and security for you, your family and your home it also makes your hard earned property look the part. 


4. Infestation

A number of animal pests can interfere with the quality of your roofline, including rodents, squirrels and even insects such as wasps or bees. If you notice that a pest has made its home in your fascia, soffits or guttering then DJL UK can replace your roofline to ensure that no animal is able to make its home in yours anymore. Our PVCu alternatives will make your roofline impenetrable and the quality will keep your home maintenance free for many years to come.  A roofline is strictly important for keeping out draughts and giving you and your family the security you need that is why investing in PVCu will prolong the life of your home.


5. Asbestos

Most homes built before the 1990’s contain harmful asbestos roofline work. Such a material is known for causing serious health problems due to toxicity. If you know you and your home is affected by such a problem then it would be highly recommended that you consider investing in a new PVCu roofline to restore your health and the quality of your roof. 


The fascia and soffits of our homes are not often considered when it comes to home improvements however they are majorly important to maintain. With durable and aesthetically pleasing roofline structures your home will look the part whilst protecting you from the harsh weather and cold. 


DJL UK offers PVCu based rooflines as such a material harbours a number of benefits, which greatly outweighs the qualities of wooden alternatives. Investing in PVCu based fascia, soffits and guttering will keep the aesthetic and functionality of your home preserved for an even longer period of time.


Everyone deserves to have his or her perfect home, which is why we actively recommend replacing your roofline when it is possible. Installing a PVCu roofline will prevent further infestations and they can be designed to complement the appearance of your home. The possibilities are endless and the benefit even more so, who knew that a roofline could be interesting and exciting to consider.

When it comes to home improvements we never usually consider our roofline, yet it is one of the most important factors on our homes. Our fascia, soffits and guttering all contribute to protecting us, whether that’s from harsh weather, moisture or just securing us overall.


Not only are they functionally important, they are a great aesthetic and one of the first things people see when they come across your property. Most homes are built with wooden rooflines, which over long periods of time deteriorate due to constant exposure of water damage and weathering.


However, investing in a PVCu roofline is guaranteed to keep your roofline maintenance-free for years to come. The real question however is when should you replace your fascia soffits and guttering? Follow this guide to find out if you should replace yours.

Knowing when to consider a new roofline

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