Warm Roofs - Peterborough

Warm Roofs - Peterborough

DJL UK actively promotes and installs warm roofs for conservatories and orangeries across Peterborough. This home improvements feature is becoming more and more popular, mostly due to its multitude of beneficial properties and need for little, to no maintenance. A warm roof involves installing a tiled or ‘solid’ roof onto an existing conservatory or orangery; the opaque roof can then be fitted with skylights to enhance natural lighting intake for the room.  A warm roof varies in price and varies in aesthetics but functionally; it is always equal. Investing in a warm roof saves you money in the long run, their structure prevents heat from escaping - keeping your central heating maintained, whilst reducing your energy bills.  



Furthermore warm roof installations increase the value of your home, this is because potential buyers see warm roofs as a worthwhile asset. DJL UK recommends warm roofs if you’re looking to use your conservatory or orangery during the winter months – this is because having a solid roof conserves heat effectively and eliminates draughts for good.  One of our models includes the UltraRoof380, which consists of a thick, tiled roof which can be completed with implemented skylights – this style preserves temperatures whilst allowing sunlight to reach the inside with no difficulty.



If you’re situated in Peterborough and are looking to transform your conservatory into a living room and/or dining room, then a warm roof is your best option with keeping the room warm all year round. Warm roofs have been recently engineered and manufactured to provide the best thermal insulation and weather-resistance – and to better such an achievement, the skylight windows can be optionally made of self-cleaning glass so you do not have to worry about their maintenance.


If you’re thinking of adding a warm roof installation to your conservatory or orangery then contact DJL UK today for further information or to secure yourself an installation date. 


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