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Is your conservatory becoming a space that is only used once or twice a year? Well, with our LivinRoof range it doesn’t have to be anymore. Choosing to invest in our energy efficient and eye-catching, warm roof range will be one of your most beneficial and wisest decisions. Not only will your conservatory be heated during the coldest months of winter and summer, but it will also significantly, reduce your energy bills. Alongside greater, energy efficiency and many, more current benefits;  your LivinRoof can be formed into any shape or style to match your ideas. Double glazing panels can be integrated into the design of your LivinRoof without any additional cost, adding visual appeal and maximising the use of natural light. The possibilities of installing a warm roof are endless.

How can a conservatory be of use all year round?

Our LivinRoofs have a 0.18 U-value, which is 15 times more thermally efficient than your typical Polycarbonate roof or glass roof without solar control. This means that with a LivinRoof, your conservatory will be more relaxed in the summer and warmer in the winter – making it be a room that can be used every season. As well as being able to be used all year round, your heating costs will be reduced dramatically – during the cold winter months, your conservatory will be a toasty retreat.

With a WarmRoof, the possibilities are endless.

A LivinRoof encompasses the LivinRoom internal pelmet, which allows for many benefitting possibilities. The internal pelmet is a superb way of finishing your conservatory; it consists of a narrow painted board that surrounds your conservatory. It can accommodate mood lighting and even speakers, which are fitted with hidden cables led through your amplifier. Socialising will never be the same – your LivinRoof can take your social gatherings to a whole new level of enjoyment, and the surroundings will be stylish for all your visitors to admire. With a vaulted, ventilated ceiling and a plasterboard finish, your LivinRoof adds value to your house, because as a result of its solid roof, it is classified as an extension. It’s high ceiling furthermore provides a light, spacious feel and the plasterboard finish makes it feel like it was always part of your home.

How will a WarmRoof look externally?

With our warm roof range, you have control. Warm roofs are designed to give you the flexibility to you need to choose a solid roof or to combine both stable and shaped, glazing seamlessly. Whether you desire lots of glass panels or only a couple – you can take control of what we install. Externally, your LivinRoof is finished in an urban grey format, and it will look similar to the appearance of a glass roof. Warm roofs furthermore eliminate showing dirt as opposed to other roof finishes; your conservatory will look new and improved all the time.

For a straightforward installation that will have minimal disruption to your household’s lives, call us on 01733 735830. Our professionals acquire the skills and capability to install a LivinRoof that will transform your conservatory into a room with endless amounts of possibilities.

UltraRoof DJL

For those who long for a solid roof with the element of natural sunlight pouring into their room, the smart technology you find in the UltraRoof 380, is more than ideal. UltraRoof380 comprises of multiple rectangular full-length panels or Velux roof windows, and these are combined into a plastered ceiling. With an UltraRoof380, your room will be flooded with natural light, and it will keep your room at an adequate temperature all year round. An UltraRoof380 overcomes problems with your conservatory being too hot in summer and too cold in winter thanks to a beautiful, vaulted ceiling. Aesthetically-pleasing inside and out, your UltraRoof is a worthwhile asset to add to your home. With a stunning, lightweight tiled finish, your roof can be colour-coordinated to complement the look of your home.

Ultraframe firstly invented LivinRoofs, and since then they have become hugely successful (and still are increasing in popularity.) However, complaints about its industrial look have circulated, so, Ultraframe addressed this problem, and the UltraRoof380 was born. UltraRoof has all the benefits that a LivinRoof does but instead features an authentic, tiled roof. Like the LivinRoof, the possibilities of an UltraRoof are endless, your conservatory or orangery will be warm in the winter months, allowing you to use it even when cold outside. High-performance glazing can be installed to enhance the experience of your newly transformed room further. The A-rated glass can help reduce glare from the sun and control the amount of heat allowed into your space, all so you and your family can enjoy using your conservatory or extension even when winter sets in.

How can a conservatory or orangery be used all year round?

With an insulated roof,  the warm, inside temperatures cannot escape your home. During the cold winter months, heat will be kept inside of your property, and you can expect to see your energy bills reduce dramatically. With a  warm roof installed, you’ll be able to enjoy your conservatory as a cosy retreat, and in summer, your conservatory won’t be left feeling like an oven. The light that usually shines through your conservatory will also be limited and can be controlled entirely by you. Overall if you’re after a stylish conservatory that you can use all year round, choose UltraRoof.

An Ultraroof has many benefits

Both inside and out, an UltraRoof380 is second to none regarding design, the perimeter of the ceiling features an internal pelmet where speakers and spotlights can be installed.  You can also have the option to add a flat panel, enabling you to hang pendant lights for main or mood lighting. Your conservatory will feel and look amazing, what could be better than that?

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