Bi-folding doors

Adding luxury and practicality, the benefits of our bi-folding doors at DJL UK are endless. Our bi-fold doors bring comfort and convenience to your home, alongside helping to expand on your living space and improve its overall aesthetics. For a seamless transition between the inside and outside, choose our bi-folding doors. At DJL UK, our professionals can offer their expertise throughout all stages of your journey – whether you need advice on your choice or have any unanswered questions.


Bi-fold doors offer many possibilities. Choosing bi-folding doors will maximise your home’s natural lighting – ideal for making your space appear bigger and for creating a nice atmosphere. With more efficient lighting and the option to remove a wall at your disposal, your room will be transformed with just a door. Not only can we maximise your space with light and easy access, but bi-folding doors are flexible, more secure and require little maintenance. At DJL UK, all our bi-fold doors feature a highly secure locking system, as opposed to many other doors that have one single locking point. the locking system on a bi-folding door spreads over multiple points. Therefore, a great level of security is offered.


Maintenance isn’t an issue with bi-folding doors. Similar to most windows and doors, bi-fold doors typically require a regular clean with detergent. With lower maintenance requirements, our bi-folding doors are longer lasting than most standard doors. As well as requiring little to no maintenance, our bi-folding doors are compact and adaptable. As opposed to sliding doors, bi-folding doors take up a small amount of space when open. They concertina back onto themselves, rather than sliding behind another window. This opens up your wall completely. Whether you have limited wall space or a lot, bi-folding doors are an option.


Our bi-folding doors offer more flexibility than most doors. A set of bi-folding doors are able to open out to any width – whether it’s to the whole width of your wall or any width within the frame. This opposes a standard sliding door, which will only open to a maximum width of half the length of the window. Our bi-folding doors are available in a range of colours and styles, and are manufactured to meet each of your requirements.


Sleek, modern and stylish, having a bi-folding door adds pleasing aesthetics to your house. Bringing in a flood of natural light, bi-folding doors transform your room into a fresh, uplifting space. For a free quote, call us on 07525 737734.


Bi-folding doors 

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