Composite vs. Aluminium vs. PVCu doors

Doors. Who knew that there could be so many different types? Everyone will throw benefits and negative opinions towards the door you’re considering, making a decision pretty difficult. DJL UK provides a range of different doors, all made from different materials and composed by different structures, however we are here to guide you towards the most suitable door for you and your home.


There are 4 main types of door, including; composite doors, aluminium, PVCu and timber door models. Each individual door carries a different amount of benefits and some factors people may deem as off-putting. In this blog we will list the advantages and disadvantages that come with each kind of door that we provide, so you can decide what style and make is worth your investment. 


Kick-starting with Composite Doors


Composite doors are renowned for their beautiful colours, strong structures and bespoke designs. However, these doors are also known for their hefty price tag, but why do they come with such a large bill? The answer is fairly simple, for a small one-off price you will receive endless benefits, some of the advantages even saving you money.


Here, take a look at some of the benefits you can find with a composite door:


-Practically impenetrable

-Beautiful finishes

-Bespoke design

-Large choice of colour

-Long lasting

-Require little to no maintenance

-Offer great energy efficiency

-Reduce energy bills

-Conserve inside temperatures effectively


Composite doors offer a variety of advantages, more than any other door presently manufactured today. These doors are made with multiple layers of solid timber implemented between GRP sheets and protective coatings. Their reinforced build prevents their colour from fading and protects them from harsh weather and moisture.


Whether you have a dated or contemporary home, composite doors effectively make your property stand out, your visitors and/or neighbours are sure to be impressed. If you are looking to pay a little bit more for superb quality, a composite door is the best front or back door for you. They don’t come with many disadvantages; instead the only hurdle you have to get past is the larger price tag, which is irrelevant when you receive endless benefits from them for years on end.


DJL UK are able to provide additional information on our composite doors, however we decided to put together guidelines for what you can expect from a composite door to give you a brief insight into the positive effects you will receive. In addition, composite doors keep your energy bills down by conserving heat inside of your home – so you can expect warmer rooms too. 


Aluminium doors? How good are they?


Although aluminium doors don’t hold a valued reputation and are considerably uncommon, their many benefits can make this questionable. Aluminium doors offer great security and stability yet come with a low price tag. Despite not being the most aesthetic, aluminium doors have built a great reputation for being practical and cost-effective for the quality that they provide.


What could you possibly achieve from a standard, aluminium door?


-Standard, bespoke designs

-Strong structure


-Standard energy efficiency

-Affordable price tag

-Require little manual maintenance


Aluminium doors, they are designed to last. Timber doors have a thick frame and body of wood, which allows for excellent security. If you want high quality safety yet a great aesthetic, timber doors are highly recommend. They may come with a price tag that’ll leave you indecisive, however they perform effortlessly and in addition, make your home look effectively contemporary. With practical, insulating properties and a rising reputation, what could be better than going simple with an aluminium door?


PVCu doors, practical and popular.


If you’re looking to install a new door, which is energy efficient, secure and affordable PVCu is the way to go. Most homes in the UK have PVCu doors, why? It’s because they have built a popular reputation. Many homeowners have a strict budget and PVCu doors fit in them well, they provide great quality for a price that is hard to argue with. PVCu doors are the most common models around, not to mention you will no doubt think of a PVCu door when deciding on a new replacement.


However, what benefits can you expect from investing in a PVCu door?



-A range of colours to choose from

-Affordable price tag

-Creative, realistic textured finishes

-Effective energy efficiency

-Last for long periods of time if looked after

-Practical for any home


PVCu doors are in abundance, this because they are loved by homeowners who aren’t to fussed about saving energy or achieving great aesthetics. Instead, these doors are suited for people looking to have a standard door replacement with no excess expenditures.  DJL UK recommend PVCu doors as the practical door option, they provide great security and standard energy efficiency – enough to allow any family to get by their door problems for a great price. 


Concluding the battle between doors.


But overall, which door would win this battle? Firstly, if it were all down to energy efficiency, composite doors would score first place, the impenetrable structures prevent heat from escaping considerably well.


For practicality, PVCu doors win in this section, they’re affordable, they’re efficient and they offer standard security levels – if you want a simple door for your home, a PVCu model is definitely the way forward.


Finally, if you want a door that comes out on top for little maintenance, aluminium doors would be the best. As aluminium does not rot and it hasn’t any wooden structure, the material is durable and long lasting and requires little care, saving you a whole lot of time and hassle.


We hope this blog helped you with deciding on your dream door, if you would still like further information do contact us directly. 

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