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Vertical Sliding Windows
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Vertical Sliding Sash Windows Peterborough

Double glazed vertical sliding windows available from specialist suppliers, DJL UK LTD

Choices’ heritage vertical sliders combines the desirability of a traditional, wooden sash sliding window with the benefits of modern PVCu materials. Designed with all the authentic, timber features found in period windows, there is no need to compromise the appearance of your home.

Authentic detailing including sash horns, traditional butt joints and deep bottom rails make the ‘Choices’ PVCu, Heritage Vertical Slider almost indistinguishable from an original timber vertical slider.

Well balanced sliders ensure a smooth operation that will not stick, jar or have cords that break. The built in tilt feature means you clean both sides of the window from the inside.

Features and Benefits

With traditional styling and authentic looks, ‘Choices’ Heritage Vertical Sliding Windows utilise modern technology providing modern performance.
RunThru Horn Detail

Authentic detailing to the continuous decorative sash horns horns make them almost indistinguishable from a traditional timber window

Deep Bottom Rail

Attention to detail is further maintained with the mimicking of a traditional deep bottom rail

Mechanical Joints

The sashes can have the option of mechanical joints that look like traditional quality joinery

Modern technology and performance combined

Add on energy efficiency and high performance security and you can’t go wrong. All of DJL UK LTD double glazed vertical sliding windows operate smoothly and simply. Just slide open to allow both panes to tilt inwards. Ideal for when needing to clean the windows or to simply ventilate your room.
Vertical Sliding Windows from DJL UK LTD meet the requirements of “A” Energy Efficiency

Advanced glass technology

We’re also proud to be able to say that our high tech glass technology means we can make the most of increased energy efficiency, resulting in higher levels of insulation.

DJL UK LTD also provide PVCu windows with enhanced glazing options, to reduce noise pollution – meaning a quieter home for you.

Available colours and woodgrains

If you prefer the look of real wood, you can opt to have your vertical sliding windows in either White Ash, Cream, Rosewood or Golden Oak foils.

When it comes to traditional properties, the authentic detailing to the sash horns makes it almost difficult to tell it apart from a timber alternative. However, they have all the advantages of modern materials.

Colour Options

Smooth White

White Ash



Golden Oak

Ready to have a conversation

Here at DJL UK LTD our experienced team of professionals, recognise that competitive prices should not mean that you miss out on good quality products and an excellent level of service.

DJL UK LTD supply and install windows, doors and conservatories; all of which are available in PVCu, Aluminium, ‘Alternative to Timber’, Timber and Aluminium Clad Timber.