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Energy Efficient Roof Conservatories
in Peterborough

Do you find your conservatory is always too cold in the winter but too warm in the summer? Well, here at DJL UK, we can help prevent that issue with our warm roof installations in Peterborough.

We understand a conservatory should be a cosy living area that provides much needed extra space for your home. However, more often than not, we hear about conservatories only being used in the summertime. But, if you live in Peterborough, our warm roofs means we can provide you with an area that you can use all year round.

That’s why DJL UK actively promotes and installs warm roofs for conservatories and orangeries across Peterborough. An investment in a warm roof has multiple beneficial properties and requires virtually no maintenance – what more could you want?

What exactly is a solid roof installation?

A warm roof installation involves installing a ‘tiled’ or ‘solid’ roof onto an existing conservatory. Regardless of your home’s style, here at DJL UK Peterborough, we can make a warm roof bespoke for you. Your roof can have the options of skylights, spotlights and even speakers. So whatever your properties personality, we can match it to your warm roof. For more information regarding what a warm roof, head to our blog.

Quality insulation with warm roofs in Peterborough

There is a multitude of benefits that you’ll reap by investing in a warm roof. Not only will you gain stunning aesthetics but you’ll also see a reduction in your heating bills. A warm roof conserves heat effectively and eliminates draughts for good!

No longer will you have to turn up the heating to keep your extension warm. The structure of a solid roof preserves temperature – trapping heat in the cold months AND maintaining a cool ventilated space in the summer.

Therefore, if you are situated in Peterborough and are looking to transform your conservatory or you wish to create a bespoke warm roof extension from scratch – contact the DJL team today.

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Here at DJL UK LTD our experienced team of professionals, recognise that competitive prices should not mean that you miss out on good quality products and an excellent level of service.

DJL UK LTD supply and install windows, doors and conservatories; all of which are available in PVCu, Aluminium, ‘Alternative to Timber’, Timber and Aluminium Clad Timber.