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Are you looking to replace your current windows and doors with more efficient and attractive alternatives? Well, here at DJL UK, we supply and install an extensive range of window and door styles for homes in and around March.


By keeping your original windows or door in place, you could be costing you home in regards to energy bills. Old windows and doors often let in cold, uncomfortable draughts, which results in homeowners turning up the heating to combat this. However, this heat is escaping and not heating your home.


But, at DJL UK, we can guarantee you energy-efficient, durable and secure windows and doors at a competitive price.

With our 10 year guarantee, you can be assured your new and improved windows with last a lifetime. They will never twist, warp, rot or discolour. Therefore, your home will always be ready to impress your guest and provide the ‘WOW’ factor.


Additionally, there are numerous benefits to upgrading your windows and doors. Not only will you enhance your home’s aesthetics, but also you will see a reduction in your heating bills!


Did you know that 20% of heating is lost through inefficient windows and doors? Therefore money is being wasted. But, by choosing to invest in new frames, you will drastically reduce draughts and stop you from spending money unnecessarily. You will have an A-rated home for years to come.


Not only that but out-dated and worn-out windows and doors could mean your home is vulnerable to being a victim of criminal access. Old windows and doors could be failing you in regards to security. However, our windows and doors can provide you with increased protection to ensure you and your family are safe.




We install bespoke, modern and traditional windows and doors in March. Regardless if you are looking for an existing style or a custom design – we can assist you in finding the perfect windows and doors for your March home. 


uPVC and aluminium windows and door for March homes

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