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What door colour adds the most value to your home?

By December 20, 2023May 28th, 2024No Comments
Five front door in various colours

This front door colour adds the most value to your house

Recent research shows that the difference in front door colour can increase your home’s value by up to £4,000! (Source).

With research conducted by Sell House Fast, they discovered the colour of your front door has a significant effect on the value of your home. Therefore, your front door could be the answer if you’re looking to upgrade your door and find a way to increase your home’s value. Sell House Fast spoke to Lee Chambers, MSc MBPsS (An Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant).

“Colour is a powerful tool to communicate action, influence choice and even change people’s mood. It can even influence physiological reactions. While in office design, we use green in regenerative environments and blue in productive environments, the colour of your front door can influence a buyer’s initial perception. Our eyes are drawn to entrance points, so a front door is often one of the first things we notice.”

Prime estate agents, John D Wood & Co, have also had their say on why your front door colour matters, “First impressions count,’ says Polly Ogden Duffy, managing director at John D Wood & Co. “Most buyers will make a decision in the first few seconds of seeing your home about whether they want to see inside.” (Source)

So, as you can see, there is much to consider when choosing the colour of your front door. Whatever colour you choose will have an impact not only value of your home but also will indicate to other people what your personality is; as Tash Bradley, paint brand Lick’s director, says, “Your front door colour indicates the personality who lives inside.” (Source)

What is the most valuable front door colour?

Sell House Fast research analysed over 1,000 properties on Zoopla, based in the UK, to determine the results, all with the same variables: three bedrooms, a garden, and a calculated average price. Then, Sell House Fast randomly picked ten properties of each door colour to see if there was a price difference on average.

Following analysis, Sell House Fast found that BLUE adds the most value to your house. A blue front door can add a considerable £4,000 to your house! The second most valuable door colour is WHITE, which adds an estimated £3,400 to the value of your home. However, there was one front door colour that could devalue your home, BROWN, which can decrease the value of your property by £700.

Colour Door Value Prices

Source: Sell House Fast

How does colour affect the value of your home?

Sell House Fast also researched the psychology of colour and what it conveys about your home to potential buyers.

Black Front Door Colour


Black is one of the most popular door colours in the UK. A traditional colour that the majority of people choose due to its simplicity. Although black is sometimes described as “darkness”, it is mainly seen as stylish and sophisticated. Often paired with Anthracite windows, a black door can allude to being high-end and appear more expensive.


The colour blue brings to mind a sense of calmness. It can promote serenity and a sense of freedom to potential buyers, which might suggest why this colour door adds the most value to your property. Blue can also convey notions of loyalty and trust, which potentially makes buyers feel confident with your home and their purchase. Remember, a door is the first thing a visitor sees when approaching your home. So, these initial impressions make all the difference. As you can guess, here at DJL UK, we are biased towards the colour blue!

Blue Front Door Colour


Green does evoke the feeling of trust and safety – which any potential homeowner wants from home. It can signify prosperity, life and growth, too. Therefore, green is a good choice when welcoming potential buyers to your home as visitors can see positive signs of building their life there.
Green is an upcoming colour in home improvements due to its calming nature. Here at DJL UK, we are witnessing more and more customers opting for Chartwell Green front doors (with some even choosing it for their windows, too!). For those looking for a colour that will make an impact but still be understated and modern – Green is the shade for you.


A white front door is a popular choice for homeowners. The colour signifies that your home is clean, organised, and peaceful. Also, the colour white often seems like a blank slate, symbolising a new beginning or a fresh start. Cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity are positive traits of white and all perceptions you want to give people when entering your home. 


Even though brown has been reported as the colour that could decrease your home’s value, this colour suggests that your home is strong and stable. Furthermore, it’s a colour often associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety. The latter being a quality you certainly want from a door! Ultimately, you want a front door colour that best suit your home and you.


Red doors make a statement! It helps to create an otherwise bland exterior pop, becoming a striking focal point for your home, much like any bright front door colour. Also, this colour conveys a sense of traditional elegance. Red conveys life, health, vigour, war, courage, anger and religion; there are numerous reasons why you could choose a red frame. But one of the most significant is passion. People associate love with red hues. Here at DJL, we are passionate about giving you the best quality door, whether you’re choosing a red door or a blue front door!

Are you looking to upgrade your front door?

Here at DJL UK, we supply and install a wide range of doors in various colours. So whether you’re looking to add the most value to your home with a blue door or go for something more unusual such as purple or grey – we can help. Get in touch for more information.

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