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How To Clean Your PVCu Windows & Doors

By August 21, 2020January 21st, 2021No Comments

A guide to keeping your PVCu windows and doors looking like new

We highly recommend PVCu to all our clients due to its multiple benefits. One of the perks of PVCu is the fact it is the easiest material to clean – it is smooth, has non-porous properties and requires very low maintenance. With just a little bit of care and attention, it is easy to keep that ‘new windows and doors’ feeling for year and years.

In this blog, we have explained the best ways to keep PVCu looking their best, what products to use as well as avoid and some general cleaning tips. Here you can find the best advice on how to clean your PVCu windows and door – keeping them looking like new.

What products can help clean your PVCu windows and doors


Firstly, you will need to remove the excess dirt. This sits on the outer layer, so the best way to remove this is by using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure when vacuuming, to clean every crevasse and crack to ensure a thorough clean. By vacuuming over the PVCu, you can remove debris that would be inconvenient in cleaning in the next step.


After removing as much dirt as possible, fill a bucket of warm soapy water. Don’t use a scouring pad! This will damage your PVCu. Instead, use a cloth or soft sponge to remove extra tough stains and dirt carefully. Make sure to rinse the cleaning products now and then to prevent spreading dirt on the PVCu. This would become very noticeable once dried. This method is simple; however it is highly effective. Additionally, it is the safest routine for your PVCu windows and doors


There are two methods to the next step. One way to clean the glass is to once again fill up your bucket with warm, soapy water and with a micro-fibre cloth, tackle the grim on your windows and doors. This method will prevent your glass from cracking or gaining scratches – but it will effectively remove all signs of dirt build-up.

The second way of cleaning the glass on your PVCu windows and doors is by using a non-smear glass cleaner product and a paper towel. Spray the cleaner directly onto the glass and then wipe down vigorously until the product has all gone. Turn the paper over and buff until dry. We recommend you do this to the outside and the inside to get the best results.


To prevent any smudges developing, use a dry, delicate sponge or cloth to wipe down the moisture from toy PVCu and glass.

Following these simple yet effective steps, you can sit back and relax, enjoying your beautiful windows and door in their prime once again. Your PVCu products will be left looking like new!

What products should I avoid?

When cleaning your PVCu, you should consider its polymer properties. Although durable with natural implications such as the weather, this material can be highly vulnerable to strong chemicals. It is important to remember this. Patient and gentle cleaning will guarantee you PVCu doors and windows that look like brand new. To make sure you don’t harm your windows and doors, we have compiled a list of the products you sure defiantly avoid.


Even if the dirt is tough, do refrain from using a scouring pad. They may seem effective, but they are notorious for permanently damaging your PVCu – doing more harm than good.


Any strong or hazardous cleaning chemicals used could result in further deterioration of your PVCU. Although a considerably strong material, it can be easily harmed if exposed to such rough spirits.


Again, even though it is an effective abrasive, we actively recommend not using this product. Its abrasive qualities can cause deep scratches to the PVCu and would allow for more dirt to enter and would make matters worse.


Although it is known for its powerful cleaning and whitening capabilities, Bleach is hazardous to both you and the PVCu material. Due to being such a strong, purified substance – it could strip the material of its outer layer and colour.


There is no benefit of using white spirits, their paint thinning properties can harm the qualities of your PVCu for good and damage its neutral colour.

What about other materials that windows and doors may have?

Of course, with any door or window, you are getting other bits and pieces such as hardware and weather seals. These are also very easy to clean.

HARDWARE – metal joints and bolts should be lubricated once a year with light engineering oil such as 3-in-1. This ensures they still function correctly and efficiently.

HANDLES – these can be just wiped with a white cloth and dried thoroughly to removes dirt, grease and dust.

WEATHER SEALS – effective weather seals prevent draught and stop heat escaping from your home. To keep them doing their job, clean with a damp cloth. If a seal becomes dislodged from its grooves, simply slide them back into position to avoid damage.

So, are you looking to replace your worn-out windows and doors?

By following our guide and being aware of our top tips, you can guarantee yourself PVCu windows and doors that look like brand new. Cleaning your PVCu is easy, but it is essential only to use the products that we have recommended.

If you would like to upgrade your worn-out windows or doors – contact our team. We can offer competitively priced windows and doors in a wide range of colour and styles.

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