What are Bi-Fold Doors? What are their benefits?

Here at DJL UK, we often get asked what bi-fold doors are? So, we thought we would explain! This blog will discuss what bi-fold doors are, their benefits and if they are a worthy investment for your home.

How To Clean Your PVCu Windows and Doors

Here at DJL UK, we have created a guide to keeping you PVCu windows and doors looking like new.

Why should I transform my conservatory? 8 ideas and uses for your conservatory

Here at DJL UK, we know there are endless possibilities for your conservatory – but do you? Well, we have compiled some ideas on how you can decorate and modify your conservatory so you can be a step closer with your dream home.

What Different Types Of Doors Can You Buy For Your Home?

Want to know the types of doors you can buy for your home? Our blog describes all different kinds of door available here at DJL UK.

What are Flush 70 Windows? Why should you choose them?

As the year's progress, home improvements are continually changing for the better, and with people seeking something new and exciting every annum, industries like us here at DJL UK – exist to deliver results. Within this blog, we will be discussing the advantages and interest associated with the newly introduced Flush 70 windows.

Do you want to add more space to your home? Here's how.

Our home improvements specialists have decided to put together a blog this month, providing ideas on how to maximise your space at home. Wanting more room and new areas to decorate and furnish is a universal desire amongst many homeowners, however, although most home improvement companies will suggest an extension, sometimes your home not be suitable enough for one.


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