Door and window locks - what different types are there?

All of your doors and windows will have locks (unless they've been removed for inexplainable reasons), however not many of us can determine what model we actually have, which can be problematic in the event that a locksmith is needed. Believe it or not there are more types of locks than you think, some have become outdated leaving us to forget about them, whilst others are just becoming increasingly popular.

Benefits of investing in new, PVCu windows - what would they do for me?

Windows, we often forgot about these in our home, we just expect them to do their job of allowing light in whilst keeping your home warm. However, little do we know most homes are built with standard, PVCu or timber windows which deteriorate in performance overtime, leading to money seeping out your windows when the central heating is turned on.

Composite vs. Aluminium vs. PVCu doors

Doors. Who knew that there could be so many different types? Everyone will throw benefits and negative opinions towards the door you’re considering, making a decision pretty difficult. DJL UK provides a range of different doors, all made from different materials and composed by different structures, however we are here to guide you towards the most suitable door for you and your home.

PVCu Rooflines? Why invest in them?

People are beginning to transform their wooden and standard polymer rooflines towards having replacement PVCu fascia, soffits and guttering. But why are we switching to PVCu? The answer is fairly simply in this case; PVCu comes with many benefits and it especially makes your home look the part. Firstly, installing white, PVCu soffits and fascia is very complementary against homes, whether you have brickwork, stone or panelled, exterior walls. PVCu is also very resistant, whether that’s with weather or constant moisture exposure. Such a material is impermeable meaning that it doesn’t allow for liquid to easily pass through it resulting in a much, longer lifespan especially for your guttering which is exposed to this daily.

The Benefits of a Composite Door

There are many varieties of doors available in the home improvements industry and it can be quite complicated deciding on the right one for your home whether that’s with aesthetics, cost or functionality.


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